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Saber x #Defend the Arts

25 Sep

Thanks to Frank 151 and Saber for the video.

Saber of famed LA graffiti crew The Seventh Letter, sat down with Frank to promote his newest installation, a temporary display in the stratosphere. The installation, dubbed #DefendTheArts is Saber’s response to Mitt Romney, who stated that he would eliminate funding for The National Endowment for the Arts, PBS, and NPR if elected.

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Pat Waldo x Moustache Man

23 Sep

Thanks to Animal NY and Patrick Waldo for the video.

Patrick Waldo talks about how Moustache Man got it’s start and how NYPD put a stop to it.

Ben Eine x NYC Uptown

16 Aug

Thanks to H Film Production and Ben Eine for the video.

Ruben Henriquez caught up with Ben Eine while he painted shutters in Uptown NYC. Ben examples the birth of the shutters and where it has taken him.

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Curtis Kulig x 99% Perspiration

8 Aug

Thanks to Avant Garde Diaries, Saturdays Surf NYC and Curtis Kulig for the video!

Colin Tunstall is the Creative Director and co-founder of Saturdays Surf NYC, the downtown clothing and surf boutique which also happens to serve great espresso. Saturdays is on the up-and-up, especially after being nominated by GQ Magazine as one of the “Best New Menswear Designers.” For The Avant/Garde Diaries, Colin introduces us to Curtis Kulig. The artist is probably most recognized as the man behind “Love Me,” a graffiti tag found posted around cities worldwide. “He’s taken this one saying, ‘Love Me,’ and he’s made it into a brand through hard work,” Colin says.

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Reka x Yok x New York City

9 Jul

Thanks to Reka and Yok for the video. — Cruisin’ around NYC.

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KAWS x Nowness

14 Jun

Thanks to Crystal Moselle and Kaws for the video.

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Doze Green x Luminosity

10 Jun

Thanks to Colin M Day and Doze Green for the video.

Colin M Day gives us a behind the scenes look at Doze preparing his show, Luminosity in the Dark Rift, for Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC. Luminosity in the Dark Rift, a series of new mixed media works on canvas, panel and paper by New York-born, Northern California-based artist Doze Green, in what will be his fourth solo exhibition at the gallery. Green’s signature aesthetic combines figurative abstraction, organic cubism, fluid line work and stylized letterforms. Using an array of mediums with an intuitive, stream-of-consciousness creative process, the artist’s skillful approach involves rich layers of overlapping elements, intricately woven into tapestry-like compositions. Show runs May 19 – June 16, 2012.

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Stephen Powers x Stories

14 May

Thanks to PSFK and Stephen Powers for the video.

In this video from PSFK CONFERENCE NYC, artist Steve Powers takes us through his recent public and private art projects. He explains love-letters to the neighborhoods he painted on the sides of buildings in Brooklyn. He also talks about his one-a-day art “Daily Metaltation” pieces that he paints on 8×10 pieces of metal. When you’re presented with any day you’re presented with a blank slate he says and as an artist its his job to find some form and boundaries and distill his experiences of the day onto that canvas.

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Shepard Fairey x Pace Prints

29 Apr

Thanks to Pace Prints and Shepard Fairey for the video.

Shepard Fairey fans in New York will be getting another solo show from the LA-based street artist come May 5th. Held at Pace Prints, the new body of work entitled Harmony & Discord premieres his first pieces on handmade paper, metal relief plates, as well as the largest screenprints he has done to date. Taking advantage of the superior printmaking facilities and equipment at Pace, Shep has also been able to do things he couldn’t do in his own studio like create embossing, work in larger scale, and more. -Arrested Motion

Shepard Fairey: Harmony & Discord
Opening: Saturday, May 5, 12-8pm
May 5 – June 16, 2012
Pace Prints, NYC

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Cheryl Dunn x Sometimes…

13 Apr

Thanks to Ivory & Black, Joea Retorta and Cheryl Dunn for the video.

“By pointing the lens at something, I am asking a question, and the photograph is sometimes the answer.” – Lisette Model

Ivory & Black Soho proudly presents “Sometimes the Answer”, a new show by Cheryl Dunn, which will be the debut exhibition of the new gallery in London’s Soho. The exhibition will feature a wide range of photographs from Dunn’s 30 years of signature documentation. In the artist’s words, “At first it may seem ambiguous, but I think it is timely…given the political climate in the world and our inundation with media, collective sanity is very difficult. Nothing is cut and dry, so the answer needs to come from within. When I feel insane, I head to the streets.” Dunn lets her photographic instinct guide this selection of work, inviting the viewer to draw their own conclusions, revise their opinions, or see things in a new light. “I’m a huntress, only I hunt for images, and that’s how I approach shooting ” The works are united by Dunn’s uncanny ability to keep her finger on the pulse of contemporary American youth. The exhibition will be accompanied by the release of a limited edition artist’s book of Dunn’s photographs.

JR x Liu Bolin x Elizabeth Street

11 Apr

Thanks to Roberts Horowitz Creative, JR and Liu Bolin for the video.

The behind the scenes look into the collaboration between French street artist JR and Chinese artist Liu Bolin between Elizabeth and 11 Spring St in NYC.

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En Masse x New York City

23 Mar

Thanks to Fred Canon and En Masse for the video.

March 2012, En Masse hit the road again, and this time the destination was the Big Apple for the New York City’s annual Armory Arts Week. Armory Week is a cornerstone of the visual arts community’s annual calendar, and we were thrilled to be able to strut our stuff there, earn new fans and find new friends to play with on the wall and on Johnny Leo’s van.

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