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Kidult x Visual Dictatorship

1 Oct

Thanks to Kidult for the videos!

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GATS x Voice of Art, Pt #3

17 Sep

Thanks to i am OTHER and GATS for the video.

Follow graffiti artist GATS as he risks his safety and anonymity to paint a poem across the East Bay. The final line proclaiming “The City Is Ours” is completed at a community block party, an apt setting to celebrate how street art can be used to make political statements and enrich the culture of a city.

This is the last video in a three part series. See past days for episode #1 and #2.

GATS x Voice of Art, Pt #2

16 Sep

Thanks to i am OTHER and GATS for the video.

Oakland police have the community on edge over killings of unarmed youth and repression of free speech. Graffiti Against The System (GATS) and the people of Oakland riot for the murder of Oscar Grant and the closing of Occupy Oakland. Boots Riley gives his first hand account of oppressive police actions while G.A.T.S. and Roberto Miguel prepare their epic city-wide graffiti poem.

This is the second video in a three part series. Stay tuned for episode #3 coming soon.

Jessica Hess x Fade & Finish

8 Sep

Thanks to Shaun Roberts, Spoke Art and Jessica Hess for the video.

Spoke Art is pleased to present “Fade and Finish”, a new solo show by San Francisco-based painter Jessica Hess. Following her successful solo show last year at White Walls gallery, and two person show with Kevin Cyr there the year before, Jessica Hess will be debuting a new body of original paintings starting September 6th, at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco.

Known for her photorealistic paintings depicting the sprawling graffiti-laden landscape, Hess’ work combines traditional and formal technique with contemporary subject matter. The result is a documentarian snapshot of her ever changing environment, a moment of time perfectly captured and recorded in between the flux and constant states of change that are an ingrained aspect of the street art world.

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David Choe x Whales & Orgies

22 Jun

Thanks to Dirty Hands and David Choe for the video.

Made way back in 2000 with even younger footage. David Choe attacks the streets and talks about why he does what he does. “Whales and Orgies” is the precursor to the full-length feature film documentary, “Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe.”

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Katsu x Crack & Shine

16 Jun

Thanks to Off the Wall, Crack & Shine and Katsu for the video.

Graffiti represents an extremely young global underground subculture, it’s the root of modern guerilla marketing and the core inspiration behind street art. This episode of “Crack and Shine” highlights Katsu, a graffiti vandal active in NYC. Katsu’s campaign is unique within the graffiti world because while most vandals influence with traditional street tagging and murals, Katsu uses deeper conceptual strategies to promote the movement.

Cache x Kofie x Belmont

2 Jun

Thanks to Cache and Augustine Kofie for the video.

Cache writes… “Here is a little video of a fun morning painting in LA. This was the first wall that i hit illegally with the chickens back in 2003-2004 , It was in bad shape. I had the honor of inviting Kofie to come thru and bless the wall with some amazing work . This is one of those rare occasions were I really allowed another artist to take control of the wall and I just step back and enjoy the outcome .. LA rocks!”

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Tempt x Getting Up

1 Apr

Thanks to The Ebeling Group and Tempt for the video.

After being diagnosed with ALS and rendered almost completely paralyzed, legendary L.A. graffiti artist Tony “Tempt” Quan gets his voice back through technology that reads the movement of his eyes and enables him to create art and write once again.

Tilt x Panic Room

15 Mar

Thanks to Big Addict, Hotel Au Vieux Panier and Tilt for the video.

The hotel Au vieux panier asked me to design a room, I first told them that I wasn’t interested doing just decoration in the room but I wanted to create something that will look more like an installation. I thought about it also as a huge canvas where I needed to think about the composition and play with the empty white part of the room to accentuate more the idea of Chaos on the other part. Then I asked my friend Tober who gat a great old school style for tags, Grizz who is also the man behind the camera and Don Cho who is a Hip Hop singer from Marseille but who used to be a tagger from my home town Toulouse. It took one week to do the whole thing cause the idea was to exaggerate what you can usually see in some abandoned places. Too much tags, too much drips, too much sentences, too much throw ups … What I also wanted to show is that people can appreciate any type of graffiti, even the more basic, it’s just a matter of point of view …

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Tilt x Obsession

2 Jan

Thanks to Big Addict and Tilt for the video!