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RVA Street Art Festival 2012

19 May

Thanks to RVA TV, G40 Art Summit and to all the artists for the video.

The festival’s goal was to show the creative power of street art, liven up an other wise drab floodwall, and attract people and tourists to the outdoor art gallery that showcases the Canal Walk and Shockoe Bottom neighborhood. RVA Street Art Festival had an amazing lineup – Hense, El Kamino, Hamilton Glass, Heidi Trepanier, Brad Bacon, Dalek, Jeff Soto, Jiha Moon, Mark Jenkins, Ryan McGinnis, Chris Milk, Mickael Broth, Susann Whittier, VIZIE, Nick Kusyk, POSE, Richard Colman and Ed Trask.

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Pose x Vizie x Steel x Asia Tour

1 May

Thanks to LRG, Pose, Vizie and Steel for the video.

Three of the world’s top graffiti artists, Pose, Vizie, and Steel of the LRG Artist Driven team head out on an Asian tour in search of inspiration with their eyes and minds wide open, documented in two mini documentaries by KC Ortiz and Dylan Maddux.

First stop; Bangkok, where the team hooks up and collaborates with local artists Chip7/D30, Cyder/MSK, P7 and are shown the town by Leo Chuves and DJ NP from Mighty One, Wei, Day, and Kahn from Thaitanium and the Bangkok Invaders crew with DJ Buddha and team for an intense three and a half days in the Thai capital city.

In May part two of the LRG Artist Driven Asia Tour takes the team east to Hong Kong as they continue their search for new influences, illuminations, and insights.

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Fuck the Buff

10 Mar

Thanks to LRG, Pose, Vizie and Nekst for the video.

The “Buff” exists in every city, it is the eradication of Graffiti from our environment. The “Buff” is the brown roller paint that mutes murals, it is the process of taking a dull color and censoring expression. Eavesdrop on the visual dialogue between the artist and his environment in this tumultuous and storied relationship.

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