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All City Canvas x A Review

17 May

Thanks to All City Canvas and to all the artists that took part for the video.

From April 30 to May 5 Mexico City showed nine of the best international and national artists, with large samples of urban art. Using buildings as some iconic paintings in Mexico City. At last came the moment that Mexico would host an event of an institutional nature in regard to street art.

All City Canvas is was the first “festival” of urban art in Mexico City and that through this initiative, Mexican artists, European and EU one, endowed cultural and creative energy to Mexico City, during the week. All City Canvas facilitated the mobilization of thousands of young, eager to observe and document the intervention process architectural buildings in the capital. It was a week to remember.

Participating Artists included…

SanerHerakutInteresni KazkiSegoROAVhilsEl MacAryzEscif

Vhils x Deutsche Welle

12 Dec

Thanks to Deutsche Welle and Vhils for the video!

Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle recently filmed a portrait of Portuguese street artist Vhils, who is undoubtedly one of the most skilled and talented young artists on the urban art scene today. He creates technically masterful, contemporary portraits by not only adding paint or other materials onto surfaces, but also carving, drilling, scratching, ripping, or blasting his images out of walls. With nothing less than archeological meticulousness, Vhils penetrates through countless layers of posters, dirt, and plaster to set free the unsettling poetic images hidden in urban spaces.

Intercambio x Wynwood Walls

3 Dec

Thanks to Here Comes the Neighborhood, Wynwood Walls, Vhils, Neuzz, Sego, Saner, Interesni Kazki, b. and Liqen.

Founder Tony Goldman expresses his privilege to welcome this year’s artists whom are traveling to the United States for the first time, including Alejandre Farto aka Vhils from Portugal, Neuzz, Sego and Saner from Mexico, Interesni Kazki from The Ukraine, b. from Greece and Liqen from Spain.

Vhils x Deconstruction

16 Aug

Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez, Arrested Motion and Vhils for the video!

Portuguese-born artist Vhils completes his latest work on the streets of Venice, California.

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Vhils x Fame Festival 2011

13 Aug

Thanks to Fame Festival and Alexandre “Vhils” Farto for the video!

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Alexandre Farto aka Vhils

13 Mar

Thanks to Alexandre “Vhils” Farto for the video!

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