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Tim Biskup x Home Visit

16 May

Thanks to Incase and Tim Biskup for the video.

A native of Southern California, Tim Biskup has been long recognized for his complex color and design theories, as well as a decidedly populist aesthetic. With his steady output of limited edition prints, vinyl figures, books, records and other objects, Biskup has amassed a cadre of loyal fans and collectors. Ever-hungry to find new avenues for his worldview, he has made recent explorations into theoretical text and performance art.

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Tim Biskup x Mastodon

26 Jan

Thanks to Tim Biskup and Mastodon for the video!

Tim Biskup x Eric White

19 Jan

Thanks to Made Blog, Tim Biskup and Eric White for the video!

Tim Biskup and Eric White are two successful veterans of the fine art world, each of them bringing his own craft, passion and style. During Art Basel Miami 2011, MADE sat down with Tim and Eric and discussed their respective journeys towards becoming artists, as well as their thoughts and insights on the art world today.

Tim Biskup x Studio Visit

2 Nov

Thanks to Incase, THIS Los Angeles and Tim Biskup for the video!