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Agents x The Megaro Project

2 May

Thanks to Agents of Change (Remi Rough, Augustine Kofie, Steve More and LXone) for the video.

This film details the creation of a monumental 450m2 mural opposite St. Pancras International in Kings Cross, London. The mural, which has been painted by four members of Agents of Change – Remi/Rough, Steve More, LX.One and Augustine Kofie – encompasses two sides of a five storey Georgian building.

The mural took over two weeks to complete working from an initial design – which was bounced between Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Paris and London – and was commissioned by the hotel’s owner and The Narrative. From a design perspective the artists collaborated to create a single work that would utilise their different styles and perspectives to create a modern mural that integrates with the surrounding area, and emphasises Kings Cross’ status as a major gateway for international and national visitors alike.

The influence of the mural continues inside the building with a permanent collection of artworks created for the restaurant and a one of a kind reception interior designed and executed by AoC for the attatched hotel. The challenge was to create a mural that would at once enhance the complex multifaceted character of the grand Georgian building and reflect the strong modern geometry in the artists work.

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Unintended Calculations

29 Feb

Thanks Grounded TV, Augustine Kofie, Remi/Rough, Jerry Inscoe and Scott Sueme for the video!

Curated by Indigo, Unintended Calculations brought together a group of internationally renowned artists – Augustine Kofie (LA), Jerry Inscoe (PDX), Remi/Rough (LDN) and Scott Sueme (VAN) – for an exhibition at Becker Galleries and two collaborative murals at Moda Hotel exploring four very different approaches to abstraction. Working in a variety of mediums, these artists have evolved the letter form building blocks of their shared graffiti background, deconstructing and rebuilding them as compositions of color, line, shape and movement.

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Remi/Rough x Dabs & Myla

7 Dec

Thanks to VNA Magazine, João Retorta, Remi/Rough and Dabs & Myla for the video.

Kofie x Remi/Rough x Bishop

23 Nov

Thanks to Agents of Change, Augustine Kofie & Remi/Rough for the video!

Agents of Change x 3 Kings

11 Sep

Thanks to Agents of Change, Remi Rough and System for the video!

Stormie Mills x Remi/Rough

23 Jun

Thanks to Kyeo TV, Unit 44, Stormie Mills and Remi/Rough for the video!

Unit 44’s Danny Hughes tells KYEO TV about getting international artists Remi/Rough and Stormie Mills into Newcastle for their exhibition Selected Moments, and the artists talk us through their work. Visit Unit 44 for more info or go to Stormie Mills & Remi/Rough to view pieces from the show.

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