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Poske x An Introduction

12 Jul

Thanks to Mirza MR and Poske for the video.

Poske writes, “My name is Miguel Angel Montaño Martinez, creator contemporary visual and graphic artist known as PoskeOne, I started painting walls, drawing and creating images in 1999 at the age of 17. To date I have painted walls and joined my chances of visual creation, painting, design and motion graphics.”

“My work now is based on producing images that encourage the viewer to use their imagination, which often has been marginalized by technological progressive behavior requires contemporary society, where reason and logic are the only way to understand the world and reality, where the myth, metaphor and symbolism, those things are just cutting magic for children. My proposal deals that can express and communicate feelings about reality and the inner feeling with images that go beyond the realism of logocentrism representative and current of this society, of the purely mimetic. I intend that my artistic proposal is a vehicle by which to transcend the tedium of daily routine and that is a moment to imagine without marginalizing and automarginarse, where you can articulate a dialogue with the viewer where not everything is fully digested and diluted where there is still room for myth and metaphor.”