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Mr. Brainwash x Art Show

12 May

Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez and Mr. Brainwash for the video.

An interview first featured on Rolling Stone Italy documenting Mr. Brainwash’s 2011/2012 Art show which occurred in the city of Los Angeles, California. Here we get an upclose look at the sometimes controversial street artist and a behind the scenes peek into the show, the artwork, and his personality.

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Mr. Brainwash x Miami

3 Jan

Thanks to and Mr. Brainwash for the video!

Cope 2 x Rise to the Occasion

28 Dec

Thanks to Jose Marquis Montes and Cope 2 for the video!

Mr. Brainwash x Carson Daly

18 Aug

Thanks to Carson Daly and Mr. Brainwash for the videos!

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