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En Masse x San Diego

23 Jan

Thanks to Fred Caron and En Masse for the video!

Fred writes… “In September 2011, a series of chance encounters led us on our first international adventure. En Masse traveled down the hot, dusty road to California for the sun-drenched, palm-shaded beachfront property of San Diego and its official Contemporary Art Fair. Ann Bertchold and her partner, the acting directors of the SDAF, invited us to create a work in a 12’x12’x12’ kiosk. This little box became a home away from home for four days of black-and-white drawing bad-assery. I can’t tell you what an absolute pleasure it was to work meet a couple of seriously stand-up citizens!”

New “Working Class” Trailer

4 Dec

Thanks to Bread Truck Films, Mike Giant, and Mike Maxwell for the video!

New “Working Class” Trailer

19 Aug

Thanks to Bread Truck Films, Mike Giant and Mike Maxwell for the video!

Working Class is a feature documentary loosely based on Charles Dickens book “A tale of two cities.” With San Francisco artist Mike Giant, and San Diego artist Mike Maxwell discussing themes found in Dickens 1859 novel that are just as relevant today. Religion, War, Family, History, and Art are chapters that tell the tale of the artists, the cities they live in and how history works in cycles. The two Mikes have been allies in underground art for over a decade and have gained respect for creating sharply drawn characters inspired by the working class.

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Working Class Trailer

23 Mar

Thanks to Mike Giant and Mike Maxwell for the video!

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