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M-City x Mexico

19 Dec

Thanks to Filmaciones de la Ciudad and M-City for the video!

M-CITY visited Mexico during the month of August 2011 leaving six walls in different areas of the city and the country. This visit was thanks to the collaboration between MAMUTT and the Antique Toy Museum Mexico.

This wall in particular is part of a project, focused on intervening spaces outside the urban areas, that perhaps are more accustomed to urban art, we take the artist out of context and the area out of context, but we get the same result, to make public art that any person can enjoy. This project is carried out mainly in San Miguel de Allende, on farms that are on the outskirts of the city. This way we try to acompish one of the objectives of MAMUTT, which is to take urban art to all places, making as many people as possible get in touch with this expression, this way we try to help national and international scene.

School of Econ x ___capitalism?

28 Sep

Thanks to NuArt Festival, NHH School of Economics, Ben Eine, Dolk, Escif, M-City and Hyuro for the video!

In July-August 2011, five street artists were invited to NHH Norwegian School of Economics to give their comments on capitalism directly on the schools huge white walls. The project was a collaboration with the Nuart Festival, and what Escif, M-City, EINE, DOLK and Hyuro came up with can be seen from this video. For more information, visit CAPITALISM.NO

See extended coverage of Ben Eine’s mural in our September 6th post.