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Jessica Hess x Fade & Finish

8 Sep

Thanks to Shaun Roberts, Spoke Art and Jessica Hess for the video.

Spoke Art is pleased to present “Fade and Finish”, a new solo show by San Francisco-based painter Jessica Hess. Following her successful solo show last year at White Walls gallery, and two person show with Kevin Cyr there the year before, Jessica Hess will be debuting a new body of original paintings starting September 6th, at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco.

Known for her photorealistic paintings depicting the sprawling graffiti-laden landscape, Hess’ work combines traditional and formal technique with contemporary subject matter. The result is a documentarian snapshot of her ever changing environment, a moment of time perfectly captured and recorded in between the flux and constant states of change that are an ingrained aspect of the street art world.

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Jessica Hess x It Finds You

21 Sep

Thanks to Colin M Day Prods. and Jessica Hess for the video!

White Walls is pleased to present It Finds You, a selection of skillful, highly detailed realist paintings by San Francisco-based artist Jessica Hess. This will be Hess’ first solo project with White Walls, after inclusions of her work in several previous group exhibitions – both at White Walls and sister space 941 Geary. Hess’ work explores structure, simplicity, and decay, rather than the elegant, almost decadent subjects that usually tend to take precedence within traditional oil landscape painting. She seeks out abandoned, derelict structures and overlooked sections of civil infrastructure – armed with only a camera – as part of her research process. She has described some of these spaces as almost “having found her,” rather than the other way around. Through her investigations of these forgotten places, Hess aims to recreate her own interpretations of the spaces she’s visited, and the images she’s collected. Some of her paintings are made with fidelity to the original source, while others are products of Hess’ subconscious compilation of sites visited, photographs taken, and remembrances of her urban wandering. Show runs from September 3-24th, 2011.