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Jeremy Fish x Bottle Dog

2 Sep

Thanks to Frank Public Art Space and Jeremy Fish for the video.

Time lapse video of Jeremy Fish painting the April 2012 mural for Frank Public Art. Frank is a 30 ft x 18 ft Public Art Space located in downtown Austin. Presented by Frank and Neuro, Frank public art will showcase fantastic artists each month curated by Jason Archer, Geoff Peveto and Christian Helms.

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Jeremy Fish x Where Hearts

30 Jun

Thanks to Kamp Grizzly, 827 Ink and Jeremey Fish for the video.

This video is a selection of 50 drawings from the exhibition and book project, “Where Heats Get Left”. All drawings were inspired by the idea of drawing a love letter to San Francisco.

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Jeremy x Mike x Aesop x Bryan

15 Jun

Thanks to Joshua Liner Gallery and Jeremy Fish for the video!

Also featured: Mike Giant, Aesop Rock and Bryan Coons.

JL Gallery writes… “With its graphic style of bold lines, bizarro characters, and cartoon colors, Jeremy Fish’s art naturally lends itself to storytelling. In an unabashed celebration of this folk art form, Listen and Learn puts stories and storytellers front and center as Fish demonstrates the enduring appeal of storytelling in popular culture. The exhibition features assorted tales from a wide swath of contemporary life—including from artists, skateboarders, rappers, athletes, a stripper, a cop, and a historian—which Fish has reinterpreted in lovingly realized painted works. Rendered in acrylic on hand-cut wood panels, these thirty “story paintings” are accompanied by audio recordings of the source tales recounted by the original storytellers, available to gallery visitors on MP3 players and headphones mounted next to each work. For this impressive project, Fish gathered a selection of friends and acquaintances whose rich lives have engendered no end of interesting tales. Stories from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Aesop Rock, Ron English, Mike Giant, El-P, Mars-1 are just a few of the 30 stories included in the show. See Fish’s complete story this month at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC.”

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Jeremy Fish x Snoop Dogg

9 Jun

Thanks to Kamp Grizzly, Jeremy Fish and Joshua Liner Gallery for the video!

Jeremy Fish writes… “Please take a minute to watch this teaser video for my upcoming art show “Listen and Learn” at the Joshua Liner Gallery. This is the first of five animations to help explain the concept, and reveal a bit of the content for this upcoming show.” Show opens on June 23, 2011.

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Upper Playground Paints Cube

22 Mar

Thanks to Upper Playground, Alex Pardee, Sam Flores, Jeremy Fish and David Choe for the video!

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ZeroFriends x Aesop Rock

1 Feb

Thanks to 900 Bats and Zerofriends for the video!

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