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INSA x Girls on Bikes

7 Apr

Thanks to Pure Primary and INSA for the video.

This episode of Pure Primary Presents focuses on INSA’s exhibition “Girls on Bikes”, which happened at the Protein Gallery last year.

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INSA x Random Acts x Love In..

4 Mar

Thanks “Random Acts” on Channel 4 and INSA for the video!

British graffiti writer and artist INSA was invited by Protein to be a part of the five original short films on Random Acts on Channel 4 in England. The two-minute long short film is entitled Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, and it will air at midnight on Valentine’s Day. Once the program airs on TV, it will be available for viewing on the Random Acts website. INSA cleverly turned his signature imagery into reality by composing an experimental medium, backed by music produced by UK beatmaker Darkhouse Fam.

INSAʼs work, contrary to what some may think at first glance, speaks to an inquisitive and informed viewership. His beautiful women, large bottoms, oiled skin, gold chains, high heels or name brand sneakers serve as modern icons and symbols of our lavish, unsatisfying, and money obsessed lifestyles. Providing a critique of excessive consumer culture and commodity fetishism – represented throughout as the objectified female body – INSA uses the inherent “want” of humanity in this most modern context to ask whether this is the real route to happiness. Using heavy irony and self-awareness INSA explores the contradictions inherent in striving for money, success and happiness.

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INSA x Custard Factory

28 Feb

Thanks to High Rise, It Drew Itself and INSA for the video!

Here’s the brand new video by “It Drew Itself” filmed for Monorex’s new venture High Rise. The video features INSA tackling two sides of the Custard Factory in Birmingham. It took him just under two days plus 60 tins of paint and he didn’t even break a sweat.

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INSA x IAM1 Journey Nike

25 Oct

Thanks to Protein, IAM! Journey Nike and INSA for the video!

In 7 days INSA ran the city of east London, painting 35 pieces on route of Charlie Dark’s map for The IAM1 Journey Nike Sportswear project. Produced by Protein and documented by INSA’s long time collaborator, photographer Ethel, each of the 35 hand painted pieces formed one of the centre pieces of INSAs major London solo show in 2009.

Insa Talks Tate

31 Jan

Thanks to Tate and Insa for the video!

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