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Voice of Art x LA Billboards 2

6 Jun

Thanks to i am OTHER and all the artists involved, for the videos.

In episode three LA street artists launch a campaign against the 4,000 illegal billboards in their community. Artists include Cyrcle, Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC), War N Buff It, Destroy All Design, Septerhed, Leba, and John Carlos De Luna.

In episode four Daniel Lahoda, founder of the LA Freewalls Project, takes us on a tour walls he has helped curate in downtown Los Angeles including murals by Swoon, Risk, How and Nosm.

Watch episodes one and two –> HERE.

LA Freewalls x Daniel Lahoda

3 Apr

Thanks to Jason Wawro and Daniel Lahoda for the video.

Daniel Lahoda, of the LALA Gallery in Los Angeles, describes the Los Angeles Freewalls project and the current state of public art in the city.

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How and Nosm x Reflections

28 Mar

Thanks to Street Art News and How & Nosm for the video.

Artist duo Hown & Nosm spent the last two weeks in New York City working on a visual remix of the Andrew Freedman Home’s history in the Bronx. The repeating diamond and pyramid shapes are looking might impressive and are built with hollow cardboard. Those shapes also represent the former residents, grouped into a homogenous community. The twins also left one of their signature’s split-face which emerges from the room center, one part life and one part death.

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The Underbelly Project x Paris

24 Feb

Thanks to Marine Longuet, Alice Pasquini, C215, Conor Harrington, Futura, How & Nosm, SheOne, Tristan Eaton and Will Barras for the video!

In 2009 PAC and Workhorse started a project in an abandoned subway station in New York City. Over the course of a year and a half they invited over 100 contemporary artists to leave their creative mark inside the station. Working illegally, the project aimed to document a cross section of contemporary art, free of the commercial restrictions of the traditional gallery environment. Once the project had come to an end, the entrance was sealed trapping the art inside and creating an ephemeral time capsule. The project received praise internationally, including a front-page article from The New York Times. The Underbelly Project is currently turning heads in Miami during Basel and SCOPE with an exhibition of brand new work from artists who participated in both the New York and Paris projects during Miami Art Basel and SCOPE.

For a 360 degree panoramic view of the tunnel click here.

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Boneyard Project: Return Trip

29 Jan

Thanks to Viejas Del Mercado, Pima Air and Space Museum, Retna,
How and Nosm, Saner and Nunca for the video!

An ambitious project involving numerous international contemporary artists and disused Military airplanes made it’s debut last night at the Pima Art and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. The Boneyard Project: Return Trip will include artists Andrew Schoultz, How and Nosm, Nunca (Brazil), Retna, and Faile who will all paint their own individual airplanes, along with cockpit from Saner (Mexico).

The concept for resurrecting the no longer active airplanes was conceived in spring 2010 by Eric Firestone, and organized with curator Carlo Mccormick. Also on display will be previous work from Eric Firestone Gallery’s Nose Job show that took place last year featuring artist such as Aiko, Bast, Crash, Daze, El Mac, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Erik Foss, Tara Mcpherson, Richard Prince, Lee Quinones, Kenny Scharf, and many more. We suggest that if you are near Tuscon to not miss this event!

How and Nosm x 14th Street

8 Apr

Thanks to M.A.N.Y., Julie Congo and How and Nosm for the video!

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