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The Boneyard Projects

22 Feb

Thanks to Jason Wawro, Faile, Andrew Schoultz and BAST for the video!

The Boneyard Project “Return Trip” at Pima Air & Space Museum On January 28th, a unique art event will open at the Pima Art and Space Museum in Tucson, AZ featuring the work of over 30 artists. The Boneyard Project: Return Trip is a continuation of Eric Firestone Gallery’s Nose Job show last year that focused on paintings on airplane nose cones, but this time will also feature disused airplanes from America’s military history including DC Super 3 Pima Air & Space Museum 6000 East Valencia Road Tucson, AZ United State

Faile x 1986 Challenger

17 Feb

Thanks to Ride 5 Films and Faile for the video!

A few months ago Ride 5 Films met Brooklyn-based street artists FAILE and spoke with them about their use of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger imagery.

Open Air x Street Art Film

7 May

Thanks to Triad Films and Faile, Skewville, Mike De Feo, Dan Witz, Espo and Tiki Jay One for the video!

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Faile x BBC Blast Interview

15 Feb

Thanks to BBC Blast and Faile for the video!