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Ever x Trip to Mexico

10 Jul

Thanks to Filmaciones de la Ciudad and Ever for the video.

Nicolas, a young Argentine who paints under the name EVER visited Mexico City for several days, painting 2 murals, each one with a different meaning, but always close to his style and way of working.

WALL 1. – Located in the Antique Toy Museum Mexico – EVER, while touring the amazing Lucha Libre items collection, shown in this museum, came across the face of the Tonina Jackson, legendary wrestler of the golden era of this sport. By knowing more about the history of this character and relating to the fact of doing something under a pseudonym and then “go back to being a normal person” EVER decided to paint him on the walls of this museum.

WALL 2. – Located in the urban gallery that MAMUTT and Cauce Ciudadano hold together in the 7 de Noviembre neighborhood, located in the Gustavo A. Madero district. This street art project, seeks to build peace between gang members, we also demonstrate to others that this expression can be a craft, a work of art and an alternative, it also triggers creativity in potential new artists, among other things. Here EVER decided to explore the comunist graphics and religious art, as he had done on other occasions.