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Voice of Art x LA Billboards 2

6 Jun

Thanks to i am OTHER and all the artists involved, for the videos.

In episode three LA street artists launch a campaign against the 4,000 illegal billboards in their community. Artists include Cyrcle, Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC), War N Buff It, Destroy All Design, Septerhed, Leba, and John Carlos De Luna.

In episode four Daniel Lahoda, founder of the LA Freewalls Project, takes us on a tour walls he has helped curate in downtown Los Angeles including murals by Swoon, Risk, How and Nosm.

Watch episodes one and two –> HERE.

D.O.C x Billboard Hijack

21 Apr

Thanks to Birdman and Desire Obtain Cherish for the video.

In 2002, LA banned any new billboards from going up in the city. Since then, an estimated four thousand have been put up by advertising companies who have ignored the law, which obviously the city’s billboard inspectors – “a tiny, and some say incredibly inept, group” – have never bothered to enforce.

City officials don’t even have a list of all billboard owners, and seem incapable of creating one because that would require demanding information from the advertising companies, which they seem unwilling to do. Street artists who claim billboards face felony conviction for vandalism.

Is this illegal?