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Conor Harrington x Fame

13 Jun

Thanks to Fame Festival, Studio Cromie and Conor Harrington for the video.

Conor Harrington leaves his mark around the South of Italy while attending the Fame Festival.

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Conor Harrington x Dead Meat

7 Jun

Thanks to The Baron and Conor Harrington for the video!

DOTS+ got the pleasure of visiting Conor Harrington during the painstaking preparation for his incredible recent sellout “Dead Meat” show at Lazarides gallery. He gave them the lowdown on his formative graff years and subsequent transition into fine art and his continuing love for both games. Conor’s got skills inside or out, who else do you know who mixes graff and gold leaf? “Dead Meat & Greet” is part of the new DOTS+ series of short films about some of the best graffiti based artists around the world. We at UAV can’t wait for the next one.

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The Underbelly Project x Paris

24 Feb

Thanks to Marine Longuet, Alice Pasquini, C215, Conor Harrington, Futura, How & Nosm, SheOne, Tristan Eaton and Will Barras for the video!

In 2009 PAC and Workhorse started a project in an abandoned subway station in New York City. Over the course of a year and a half they invited over 100 contemporary artists to leave their creative mark inside the station. Working illegally, the project aimed to document a cross section of contemporary art, free of the commercial restrictions of the traditional gallery environment. Once the project had come to an end, the entrance was sealed trapping the art inside and creating an ephemeral time capsule. The project received praise internationally, including a front-page article from The New York Times. The Underbelly Project is currently turning heads in Miami during Basel and SCOPE with an exhibition of brand new work from artists who participated in both the New York and Paris projects during Miami Art Basel and SCOPE.

For a 360 degree panoramic view of the tunnel click here.

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Conor Harrington x Herds

21 Feb

Thanks to Andrew Telling and Conor Harrington for the video!

Black Herds of The Rain is a film documenting Conor Harrington’s trip home to Ireland in the summer of 2011 to paint 3 walls. The journey and subsequent paintings are inspired by Austin Clarke’s poem The Lost Heifer.