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Blek Le Rat x Documentary

9 May

Thanks to 100 Proof and Blek Le Rat for the video.

Blek Le Rat is by many considered the father of urban stenciling and the first real artist in this field. He started his activity as an underground stencil artist in 1981, in Paris, and he definitely has produced some of the best stencils ever: caustic and meaningful, he often toyed with politics and made great fun of the big spheres of power. If this was not enough, after being caught in 1992, in order to avoid himseld further heavy fines, he invented a way to damage less the public areas he was going to use as canvas. Guess what? Paste-ups were born!

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Eloquent Vandals Documentary

25 Jan

Thanks to NuART 2012, Saft Films, Blek le Rat, D*Face, Dot Masters,
Graffiti Research Lab, Herakut, Know Hope, Nick Walker, Chris Stain, Sten Lex, Word To Mother and Zeus for the video!

Blek Le Rat x Sixty/Thirty

17 Dec

Thanks to Colin Day and Blek Le Rat for the video!

60/30 marks the 60th birthday of the prominent artist, Blek le Rat and the 30th anniversary of the birth of his art, which he has continuously created, never taking a period of leave from his life as an artist. Blek le Rat is a pioneer of street art, whose innovative spirit paved the way for all subsequent street artists who have, and continue to, follow in his path.

Blek Le Rat x 30 Years Later

20 Nov

Thanks to Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Blek Le Rat for the video!

Banksy vs. King Robbo

14 Sep

Thanks to Channel 4, Banksy and King Robbo for the video!

Blek le Rat Interview

29 Mar

Thanks to Warholian and Blek le Rat for the video!

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