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Cache x Kofie x Belmont

2 Jun

Thanks to Cache and Augustine Kofie for the video.

Cache writes… “Here is a little video of a fun morning painting in LA. This was the first wall that i hit illegally with the chickens back in 2003-2004 , It was in bad shape. I had the honor of inviting Kofie to come thru and bless the wall with some amazing work . This is one of those rare occasions were I really allowed another artist to take control of the wall and I just step back and enjoy the outcome .. LA rocks!”

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Augustine Kofie x Working…

25 May

Thanks to Known Gallery and Augustine Kofie for the video.

Kofie writes on his website… “This will be my first solo show at Known as well as my first solo in LA since my Futurism exhibition at Zero1 Gallery. I’m truly honored to have the chance to share a lot of these more dense collage works with my LA peoples, especially since my last 2 large shows were out of town. 30+ works as usual including dense collage and assemblage on wood with yardstick framing, paintings on canvas and hand painted multiples will be on display for 2 weeks.”

Opens: May 26, 2012 | 8-11pm, Runs: May 26 – June 9, 2012
Known Gallery, 441 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Agents x The Megaro Project

2 May

Thanks to Agents of Change (Remi Rough, Augustine Kofie, Steve More and LXone) for the video.

This film details the creation of a monumental 450m2 mural opposite St. Pancras International in Kings Cross, London. The mural, which has been painted by four members of Agents of Change – Remi/Rough, Steve More, LX.One and Augustine Kofie – encompasses two sides of a five storey Georgian building.

The mural took over two weeks to complete working from an initial design – which was bounced between Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Paris and London – and was commissioned by the hotel’s owner and The Narrative. From a design perspective the artists collaborated to create a single work that would utilise their different styles and perspectives to create a modern mural that integrates with the surrounding area, and emphasises Kings Cross’ status as a major gateway for international and national visitors alike.

The influence of the mural continues inside the building with a permanent collection of artworks created for the restaurant and a one of a kind reception interior designed and executed by AoC for the attatched hotel. The challenge was to create a mural that would at once enhance the complex multifaceted character of the grand Georgian building and reflect the strong modern geometry in the artists work.

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Augustine Kofie x Circulatory

17 Apr

Thanks to Colin Day, White Walls and Augustine Kofie for the video.

The works comprising Circulatory System feature a clean delineation of geometric forms and divisions of space with a technical precision that resembles architectural drafting. Kofie’s understanding of illustration and linework results in a style of meticulous rendering that never seems cold or sterile due to the delicate sense of balance maintained within each composition. The muted palette softens the sharp lines, and imparts a simple elegance to the complicated arrangements of shape.

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Unintended Calculations

29 Feb

Thanks Grounded TV, Augustine Kofie, Remi/Rough, Jerry Inscoe and Scott Sueme for the video!

Curated by Indigo, Unintended Calculations brought together a group of internationally renowned artists – Augustine Kofie (LA), Jerry Inscoe (PDX), Remi/Rough (LDN) and Scott Sueme (VAN) – for an exhibition at Becker Galleries and two collaborative murals at Moda Hotel exploring four very different approaches to abstraction. Working in a variety of mediums, these artists have evolved the letter form building blocks of their shared graffiti background, deconstructing and rebuilding them as compositions of color, line, shape and movement.

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MTN Colors x Gansevoort

10 Dec

Thanks to MTN Colors, and all the painters on the MTN Colors team, for the video.

Kofie x Remi/Rough x Bishop

23 Nov

Thanks to Agents of Change, Augustine Kofie & Remi/Rough for the video!

Augustine Kofie x Time Lapse

31 Aug

Thanks to Augustine Kofie for the videos!

Vox Humana 2010

1 Apr

Thanks to LA Art Machine, Kofie, El Mac, Retna and Mear One for the video!

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