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Detroit Beautification Project

28 Jun

Thanks to the Detroit Beautification Project, and to all the businesses and artists involved, for the video.

The Detroit Beautification Project assembled artist’s from around the globe. With the the common goal to bring vibrancy back to one of America’s greatest cities. Presented By Montana Cans, The Seventh Letter, 1xRun, Contra Projects. Video by Bankshot.

Askew One x Smoke Signals

5 Mar

Thanks Askew One for the video!

Askew One (Elliot O’Donnell) is a multi-disciplinary artist, renowned for his graffiti art paintings and widely regarded as one of the New Zealand graffiti scene’s driving forces. Showing in March 2012, in Auckland, New Zealand, Smoke Signals is Askew’s biggest solo exhibition yet, displaying a blend of bold illustrative line work influenced by comic-books, the graphic power of the letter and his cynical yet patriotic slogans, these new paintings deal with cultural displacement and his identity in a New Zealand context, citing an inner city upbringing and the Americanisation of local culture during the last two decades as informing his aesthetic and creative direction. -SlamxHype

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Deus x Askew x Bliss n Eso

14 Jul

Deus and Askew talk about the making of Bliss N Eso’s stop motion video for “Addicted.”

Here is the finished product. Enjoy, Bliss N Eso’s “Addicted”

Thanks to Bliss N Eso, Deus and Askew for the video!

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Only Time Will Tell x Ironlak

13 Jul

Thanks to Ironlak, Dabs Myla, Revok, Vans the Omega, Askew, Rime, Witness, Score, and Deus for the video!

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