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Anthony Lister x VNA

16 Jul

Thanks to VNA and Anthony Lister for the video.

VNA write, “Anthony Lister in his Brisbane studio, filmed by Mitchell McLennan and edited by Rhys Atkinson for Very Nearly Almost (VNA) magazine issue 19. Issue 19 is fronted by the Australian luminary Anthony Lister. Regaling VNA with tales of debauchery and allowing us a glimpse into the inner workings of his mind and multiple personas, Lister provides an in-depth interview alongside exclusive shots of his Brisbane studio. Issue 19 also features several other artists from around the world including How & Nosm, Best Ever, Low Bros, Ken Taylor, Remed, ECB, Twoone & French.”

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Anthony Lister x Los Angeles

5 May

Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez, Arrested Motion and Anthony Lister for the video.

Arrested Motion filmmaker Carlos Gonzalez brings you a new video in which he interviews Australian-born artist Anthony Lister. Documenting the artist’s multiple visits to the city of Los Angeles during the last 9 months, this video sheds light on not only the artwork created by Lister, but it also brings to the surface his views on topics such as street art, technique and the themes pushing his artwork forward. Here we have an exclusive inside look at Lister’s experiences in Los Angeles and one which perhaps shows a side of him that’s rarely seen.

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Anthony Lister x New Image Art

9 Apr

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Caner, New Image Art and Anthony Lister for the video.

An inside look at Anthony Lister’s latest show for New Image Art Gallery.

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Anthony Lister x Chalk L.A.

27 Mar

Thanks to Chalk LA and Anthony Lister for the video.

Anthony Lister has been a very busy man. Mr. Lister stopped by Chalk to grace their walls with one of his special ladies, as he was ramping up for his latest series of work at New Image Gallery in Los Angeles. Birdman was there to capture all the action.

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Anthony Lister x New Image

26 Feb

Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez and Anthony Lister for the video!

Australian artist Anthony Lister prepares for his latest solo exhibition over at L.A.’s New Image Gallery. This show (set to open from Feb.23 – April 7th 2012) is meant to combine his influences from street art, expressionism, and pop. Taking inspiration from his immediate surroundings he paints the parodies of modern life.

His distinctive style is as visible tension between figuration and abstraction all painted with Lister’s bold and daring style. For this new exhibition, he will create a number of renderings focusing on the central theme of the beautiful and the sometimes twisted form of the dancing ballerina. And here we have a rare look into Lister’s creative process as the days lead up to the show’s opening on Feb.23rd.

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The Outpost Project x Australia

27 Dec

Thanks to Outpost Project, Meggs, Anthony Lister, Kid Zoom and Ben Frost for the video!

The Outpost Project is all set to transform the gritty industrial spaces of Cockatoo Island into an explosion of urban art. An outcome impossible, without the talent, commitment and energy of more than 150 artists from around the world, all willing to come on a journey with curators Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and aMBUSH Gallery, in a first for the Southern Hemisphere.

Renowned international and local artists such us ROA (Belgium), Ethos (Brazil), Kid Zoom (USA/Australia), Anthony Lister (USA/Australia) and the Everfresh Collective (Australia) will illuminate the island with large-scale installations, live art creations including aerosol art, stencilling, paste-ups, sticker art, cup rocking, sculpture, murals and bill boards.

Anthony Lister x Frank 151

6 Oct

Thanks to Frank 151, HVW8 and Anthony Lister for the video!

For more coverage from Anthony’s visit to Los Angeles, check out Birdman’s photo page.

Anthony Lister x San Fran

25 Sep

Thanks to Spencer Cunningham, 941 Geary, Anthony Lister, Ben Eine and Ben Frost for the video!

Meggs x Lister x Kid Zoom

26 Jul

Thanks to VNA, ItDrewItself, Meggs, Lister and Kid Zoom for the video!

When three renowned Australian street artists all independently visited the UK in June, Very Nearly Almost organized a meet up and invited us to produce a video documenting the day. Featuring Meggs, Lister and Kid Zoom.

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Anthony Lister x Berlin

22 Jun

Thanks to Rodgezooi and Anthony Lister for the video!

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