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Aaron Rose x Watts Towers

26 Jul

Thanks to The Avant Garde Diaries and Aaron Rose for the video.

If you wanted to delve into one of the most creative minds from the past decade, you’d be hard pressed to find a better candidate than Aaron Rose, a linchpin of the “Beautiful Losers” movement and director of the documentary with the same title. “Artists are the storyteller people of our world,” says the Los Angeles native. As a writer, curator, publisher, editor, musician, and filmmaker, he’s a quite the consummate storyteller himself. For The Avant/Garde Diaries, Aaron introduces us to Simon Rodia, an early twentieth-century Italian immigrant who constructed one of the most impressive, and yet unlikely, manifestations of avant-garde architecture in the past century. The Watts Towers are a monumental complex of seventeen interconnected sculptures located in the Watts area of LA. Aaron Rose calls them “a testament to the power of creativity itself.”

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Aaron Rose x Portrait

2 Jul

Thanks to Gestalten and Aaron Rose for the video.

Impossible to pigeonhole, the artist, curator, writer, film director, musician, and self-declared beautiful loser Aaron Rose is one of the most inspiring characters portrayed in Gestalten’s Beyond the Street book. Active and involved in everything street and art for over 15 years, he was a pioneer in working with and introducing the likes of Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, and Harmony Korine to a larger audience.

When we met Rose during his recent trip to Berlin, where he brought some suitcases of trouble over for his show, he told us about the creative workshops he’s organized for kids, ranted about art, anarchy, kids, his work as a creative chameleon, and how he’d love to see one of exhibitions vandalized—keep it in mind the next time you spot one of his shows.