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ROA x Enter His World

22 Aug

Thanks to PGC (PhotoGraff Collectif) and ROA for the video.

The PGC (PhotoGraff Collectif) followed ROA, a graffiti artist from belgium, in a french abandoned hospital.

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All City Canvas x A Review

17 May

Thanks to All City Canvas and to all the artists that took part for the video.

From April 30 to May 5 Mexico City showed nine of the best international and national artists, with large samples of urban art. Using buildings as some iconic paintings in Mexico City. At last came the moment that Mexico would host an event of an institutional nature in regard to street art.

All City Canvas is was the first “festival” of urban art in Mexico City and that through this initiative, Mexican artists, European and EU one, endowed cultural and creative energy to Mexico City, during the week. All City Canvas facilitated the mobilization of thousands of young, eager to observe and document the intervention process architectural buildings in the capital. It was a week to remember.

Participating Artists included…

SanerHerakutInteresni KazkiSegoROAVhilsEl MacAryzEscif

ROA x Hypnagogia

26 Apr

Thanks to Stolen Space and ROA for the video.

Belgium artist ROA is renowned for his unique portrayal of large scale urban wildlife, disquietly cohabiting city streets, hand painted in his distinctive black and white style. ROA has become famous from painting animals on derelict buildings, shutters & walls literally all over the world. He has also exhibited to much acclaim all over the world and was also included in the MOCA exhibition ‘Art In The Streets’ in LA.

‘Hypnagogia’ will be a 2 space exhibition, featuring installation work & originals on found objects. As well as outdoor work across east London. To coincide with this show opening will also be the launch of ROA’s first artist book ‘Roa: ‘An Introduction To Animal Representation’ by Mammal Press.

Etymologically derived from the Greek words hypnos, “sleep” and agogos, “leading”, the title of the show refers to the transitional state between sleeping and awake. This grey area exists within every consciousness and is said to act as a bridge to other realities. ROA explores the ‘interstate’ with his portrayals of sleeping animals, whilst quietly around us the world awakens from a long winter, and the creatures he depicts experience a period of seasonal transition.

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G40 x RVA x Murals Must Rise

18 Apr

Thanks to RVA TV, G40 Art Summit and to all the artists for the video.

Featured artists include…
ROA, Pixel Pancho, ARYZ, La Pandilla, Lelo, Angry Woebots, 2501 and Jaz.

This year’s G40 will travel to Richmond, VA. and will become the inaugural opening event of the city’s soon to be announced official art district. By inviting 12 of the top mural artists from around the globe to unleash their creativity to 20 large scale walls throughout Richmond, this project is sure to put the city on the map as a street art destination. In addition to the large scale murals, we will also present an exhibit in pop up galleries along the main street of the district. With canvas work and installations by each mural artist, these shows will offer the opportunity to experience a more personal scale and a closer look at the execution and detailing of the mural artists’ work.

To learn more about the G40 Summit and all the artists involved with the large scale mural project, please visit G40 Art Summit.

LA Freewalls x Daniel Lahoda

3 Apr

Thanks to Jason Wawro and Daniel Lahoda for the video.

Daniel Lahoda, of the LALA Gallery in Los Angeles, describes the Los Angeles Freewalls project and the current state of public art in the city.

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ROA x Alley Rat

14 Oct

Thanks to Electric Blue Gallery, Make Some Tea and ROA for the video!

ROA x Four Horses

21 Jun

Thanks to Unit 44 and ROA for the video!

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ROA x Mexico

11 Jun

Thanks to MAMUTT ARTE and ROA for the video!

ROA was invited by the art promoter MAMUTT ARTE in collaboration with the Antique Toy Museum Mexico (MUJAM). ROA was in the country for 3 weeks, and he left about 15 murals in various locations like Mexico City, Guanajuato and Puebla. While in Mexico he also collaborated with local artists Saner and Sego.

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ROA x San Francisco, Pt. #3

4 Jun

Thanks to Spencer Keeton Cunningham, White Walls and ROA for the video!

Watch – ROA x San Francisco, Pt. #1
Watch – ROA x San Francisco, Pt. #2

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ROA x White Walls

19 May

Thanks to Colin M Day Productions, White Walls and ROA for the video!

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ROA x San Francisco, Pt. #2

12 May

Thanks to Spencer Keeton Cunningham and ROA for the video!

Photographer “Birdman” captured Belgian Street Artist ROA at work in Los Angeles last week. BSA covers. More After the Jump —>.

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ROA x San Francisco, Pt. #1

2 May

Thanks to Spencer Keeton Cunningham, White Walls and ROA for the video!

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