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Clayton Brothers x Fuel TV

31 Aug

Thanks to Fuel TV and Clayton Brothers for the video.

The Pasadena-based Rob and Christian Clayton, otherwise known as the Clayton Brothers, are known for producing dynamic, extemporaneous, yet purposeful paintings. The Clayton Brother’s work is inspired by the ethereal sublime, and searching for that moment of calmness. Their images speak to all through a universal, visual vernacular borrowed from folklore, mythology, urban legend, sound bytes and info-graphics.

“A lot of our work addresses the feeling of ‘bliss,’ and the moment when everything seems perfectly sound,” says Rob. The Clayton Brother’s recollections of the past are revealed as slightly tainted yet sublime memories. They believe the world of action sports and art are analogous to each other in a way that it takes extreme creativity and intuitiveness for the athletes to do what they do.

“The Signature Series is refreshing because art and action sports have always gone hand-in-hand,” says Christian. “Art is one element that separates action sports from other mainstream sports. As youngsters, we were passionate about skateboarding, BMX, and punk rock.”

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SUSO33 x Los Elegidos

30 Aug

Thanks to SUSO33 for the video.

Video created, directed & performed by SUSO33. “Los Elegidos” by Nach feat. Akhenaton & Talib Kweli.

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Broken Crow x Lion Man

29 Aug

Thanks to Midnight Toil and Broken Crow for the video.

Stencil artists John Grider and Michael Fitzsimmons of Broken Crow paint Lion Man on a Minneapolis wall. August, 2009.

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Grotesk x Delivery x Only NY

28 Aug

Thanks to Only NY and Grotesk for the video.

How does a Swiss born, Belgian trained, graphic designer end up doing t-shirts for Spike Lee, collaborating with Bushwick graffiti vandals, and earning a Phd in vintage American sports uniforms? Over the past ten years, Kimou Meyer (aka Grotesk) has worked with almost all the key players in New York’s brand underground, drawing on his classical training and outsider’s perspective to develop an iconic graphic language and style.

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RONE x Darkest Before…

27 Aug

Thanks to Callum Preston, White Walls and RONE for the video.

With the face of the same wide-eyed and sharp-featured woman starring in each portrait, Rone creates a modern legend. Separately, each piece is an autonomous work, existing through its own beauty, but when viewed together a narrative is opened, leaving us to wonder what led to the birth of this icon. In “Darkest Before the Dawn,” Rone tells us that his feature character stands as a symbol for the possibility of assimilating our worst moments into a new strength.

By incorporating a variety of techniques, Rone deliberately infuses each piece with the textures he readily encounters when working out in the streets. The build-up and deconstruction of multiple layers is a fluid, free flowing way of revealing a composition by letting it come about itself. The medley of patterns and textures embody the continuity of time passing, while the woman in the midst of it all personifies grace overcoming deterioration.

Dabs Myla x Artist Driven

26 Aug

Thanks to LRG and Dabs Myla for the video.

Australian duo Dabs & Myla are a true artistic representation that you “get back what you put in.” Having been partners both in art and romance for over 7 years, their inventive and daring approach is a byproduct of both their adopted home of Los Angeles as well as their unique collaborative ability that is unmatched in the competitive art world. Never afraid to give priority to individual works rather than an individual’s feelings, the result is always something that Dabs & Myla can both be proud of. It would be wise to heed their words: “the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

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Nychos x VNA

25 Aug

Thanks to VNA Magazine, Jose Retorta and Nychos for the video.

In late July 2012, Very Nearly Almost magazine caught up with the artist Nychos.

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Cyrcle x Beautiful Disaster

24 Aug

Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez and Cyrcle for the video.

Titled “Beautiful Disaster” this latest CYRCLE. mural is a continuation of their Cut It Out campaign which began last year with a wall featuring a flower gun. This latest mural at West Hollywood’s historic The Roxy was created in conjunction with with Poster Child Prints, who released their first limited edition print with the artistic trio yesterday. To purchase the print visit Posterchild Prints.

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Aryz x Concrete Walls Project

23 Aug

Thanks to Herokid, Montana and Aryz for the video.

The Concrete Walls Project is a video series which integrates works from the best graffiti artists worldwide into fun animated videos, bringing their works to life like never before. This is the first in the series and focuses on the artist Aryz.

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ROA x Enter His World

22 Aug

Thanks to PGC (PhotoGraff Collectif) and ROA for the video.

The PGC (PhotoGraff Collectif) followed ROA, a graffiti artist from belgium, in a french abandoned hospital.

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Allison Schulnik x Mound

21 Aug

Thanks to Beautiful Decay and Allison Schulnik for the video.

The Queen of lush and juicy paint Allison Schulnik opened up her studio to Beautiful/Decay and Visual Creatures to give our readers insight into the world of sad hobo clowns and her painting and animation process. Allison discusses how her paintings inform her animations and vice versa, the long history of artists in her family, and how Los Angeles allows artists to have quiet time in the studio yet have a community.

Symbiosis x Furtherrr

20 Aug

Thanks to Colin M Day and Furtherrr Collective for the video.

The Furtherrr Collective is made up of…
Mars-1, Damon Soule, Oliver Vernon, David Choong Lee, and Nome Edonna.

Symbiosis Gathering at Pyramid Lake, NV was a week long music and arts festival that took place on the sacred land of the Paiute Tribe. This video is a visual tour of the event ranging from the construction during massive wind/dust storms, the artists of Furtherrr painting live in the Trilobite, Vau de Vire Society’s burlesque show and the Annular Solar Eclipse that was the climax of the festival.

Olek x Einstein in DC

19 Aug

Thanks to Olek for the video.

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” Guerrilla action in conjunction with the opening “40 under 40: Craft Futures” Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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Eva x Ryan x Ultimate Stupid

18 Aug

Thanks to LA Compound, Eva Huber and Ryan Bonsall for the video.

This is the story of Eva Huber and Ryan Bonsall’s installation at the LA Compound Gallery for the show, the Ultimate Stupid.