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HasteV x Up In Miami

31 Jul

Thanks to MTN Colors and HasteV for the video.

HasteV gets up in Miami with fellow MTN artists Axis and Pastime.

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LXone x The Pixel

30 Jul

Thanks to Thomas Lang and LXone for the video.

LX ONE is not interested in formally offensive linguistic experiments, he does not want to emphasize what is already done , he does not turn his visions in poems like concrete poets do. LX ONE explores the pixel, the smallest , he researchs the base of the form , the skeletons of colors. He disserts around the chant of geometrie: the noise of shapes , a system of tensions in the free space , a response to our architecture ,urbanism and design. By bringing a breeze from Piet Mondrian and Vasarelly to our walls, LX ONE decided once to follow the only absolutes in life: vertical and horizontal lines .

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Eelus x Curious

29 Jul

Thanks to Black Book Gallery and Eelus for the video.

Eelus trekked all the way across the pond from London to debut his first show with a new style of work at The Black Book Gallery in Denver. Traditionally Eelus is a stencil artist, but he decided to fore-go that medium in lieu of a new style…paper cuts. This is a natural extension for a stencil artist, because instead of spraying ink through the stencil, Eelus used the cut paper as art itself. While this is a new style of work, the work keeps to the same themes he’s been exploring for the past ten years.

Skullphone x London XX12

28 Jul

Thanks to Ivory and Black and Skullphone for the video.

SKULLPHONE – “London, XX12″ Ivory & Black Soho, solo exhibition, July XX12
July 20 – August 24, XX12

Axis x Pastime x Big in Miami

27 Jul

Thanks to MTN Colors, Axis and Pastime for the video.

Catch up with artists Axis and Pastime as they conquer a huge wall during Miami Basel 2011.

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Aaron Rose x Watts Towers

26 Jul

Thanks to The Avant Garde Diaries and Aaron Rose for the video.

If you wanted to delve into one of the most creative minds from the past decade, you’d be hard pressed to find a better candidate than Aaron Rose, a linchpin of the “Beautiful Losers” movement and director of the documentary with the same title. “Artists are the storyteller people of our world,” says the Los Angeles native. As a writer, curator, publisher, editor, musician, and filmmaker, he’s a quite the consummate storyteller himself. For The Avant/Garde Diaries, Aaron introduces us to Simon Rodia, an early twentieth-century Italian immigrant who constructed one of the most impressive, and yet unlikely, manifestations of avant-garde architecture in the past century. The Watts Towers are a monumental complex of seventeen interconnected sculptures located in the Watts area of LA. Aaron Rose calls them “a testament to the power of creativity itself.”

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Cope 2 x Retna x South Bronx

25 Jul

Thanks to Cope 2 and Retna for the video.

Cope 2 and Retna collaborate outdoors in the South Bronx 2012.

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Banksy x Bristol Tour

24 Jul

Thanks to Visit Bristol and Banksy for the video.

Discover the street art created by world-famous graffiti artist Banksy. Explore the different locations of each piece with map references to help you find your way around the Banksy tour of Bristol.

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Miss Van x Limbo & Friends

23 Jul

Thanks to Limbo & Friends and Miss Van for the video.

Since 1999 Miss Van and Landry have been working together focused on finding the balance between art and fashion with their creative Agency Limbo Family. After the last MVA clothing project, they have now decided to introduce a new t-shirt concept, set to involve several artists. The goal is to release limited t-shirt series featuring selected guest artists and giving each one free rein in the shirt’s design. The idea is to offer the opportunity to wear a whole painting as a tee. Miss Van is herself the first featured artist and is delighted to present you her 3 exclusive designs for the Limbo & Friends t-shirt series: Bailarinas, Buho and Pipa, inspired by her last shows Twinkles and Bailarinas. 60 copies only are edited. Each shirt is fully printed front and back and comes in a handcraft printed fabric bag. The limited edition is available now on Limbo & Friends and on Miss Van’s online store Princesas Market.

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Revok x Gilgamesh

22 Jul

Thanks to Known Gallery, The Seventh Letter and Revok for the video.

Show opens July 28th, 2012 | 8-11 pm.
Show runs July 28th – August 11th @ Known Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

With Gilgamesh, the artist has refined his technique of cutting up and reassembling found objects that once had a life of their own. All materials are scavenged from abandoned homes, churches, businesses and buildings in Detroit, Michigan, the city where REVOK has taken refuge. The artist extracts the beauty in urban decay, from dilapidated buildings and rubble of the past. An integral part of the process of acquiring his materials is exploring the neighborhoods, going into abandoned buildings, investigating forgotten places and sometimes in the course, encountering the people who once lived there. The artworks are then named after the street addresses from which he excavates his materials, leaving the stories embedded in the assemblage.

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Friends With You x Cloudy

21 Jul

Thanks to I am OTHER and Friends With You for the video.

Cloudy is a short by artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III of FriendsWithYou.

This animated short is an exploration into the clouds; a sweet, visual soundscape that takes the viewer through a personal journey into the sky. Sing, dance and relax as you follow a cast of clouds and raindrops through an entrancing adventure you’ll wish to take over and over again.

FriendsWithYou explores animism, giving the main cast of characters a soul. The purpose of the piece is to transcend the viewer to a peaceful and joyous state. Clouds singing and performing their duties in a joyful manner show us that everything in our world has a role and a purpose.

Dabs Myla x Break Night

20 Jul

Thanks to Birdman and Dabs Myla for the video.

Birdman writes… “This was a fun video for me as I got to collaborate with an old friend from music school, Ian Rees. He scored the music for this and if you pay attention closely you’ll notice Dabs and Myla each have their own musical themes that stand alone when they are on screen and when together the music harmonizes. Try watching with headphones for the full effect, enjoy!”

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Futura x Insightful Stories

19 Jul

Thanks to Hennessy and Futura for the video.

You probably recall the brightly coloured bottle produced in conjunction with the street artist, KAWS, that we reported some time back. Well this time they’ve teamed up probably one of the biggest names in graffiti artists, Futura. Famous for his work on the New York underground system in the 1970s, this legendary street artist was invited to Hennessy headquarters in Cognac to learn about the ethos of the company before creating a bright, funky, 21st century bottle for this VS cognac. Featuring the artist’s signature helix visuals on both the label and the cap, we think you’ll agree that this is one bottle that will certainly stand out on anyone’s drink shelf. Inspiration derived from the perfectly aged spirit, especially its warm amber color palette, FUTURA devised several intersecting lines, complementing color schemes, and finally, a variation of his trademark atomic symbol, to envelop the bottle with a new appearance as well as a new experience for cognac aficionados.

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Bask x One Night Stand

18 Jul

Thanks to Contra Projects, 1xRUN and Bask for the video.

Bask visits Detroit and gives the city this creation.