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Mark Gonzales x Explains

31 May

Thanks to Charles Serre and Mark Gonzales for the video.

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Saber x 7th Letter x Hundreds

30 May

Thanks to The Seventh Letter, The Hundreds and Saber for the video.

The Seventh Letter join forces with The Hundreds… Coming in June 2012.

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Inside Outside (Full Version)

29 May

Thanks to Microcinema, and to all the artists involved, for the video.

With just one spot of red paint between the eyes the Parisian artist ZEVS, executes the advertising industry’s images of perfect humans. ‘People don’t think about the force of advertising,’ says Zevs and continues, ‘But with just one psst I remove the force. No one wants to be identified with a dead person so advertising looses its effect’. ZEVS calls his action ‘Visual Attack’, and he has executed billboards worth millions around Paris. At the same time, ZEVS is a respected artist who exhibits all around the world. “Inside Outside” follows ZEVS and other street artists from New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen and São Paulo. They all make a living off their art, but they also have an urge to exhibit their work illegally in the streets. Video features Ron English, Zevs, Swoon, Earsnot, Os Gemeos, KR and many others.

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Fafi x The Carmine Vault

28 May

Thanks to Animal New York and Fafi for the videos.

Fafi talks about her latest book and her first graphic novel “The Carmine Vault.” She also reads a selection from the book. Enjoy!!

Evol x Arte France

27 May

Thanks to L’Art et la Maniere and Evol for the video.

The city is his territory, stencil and spray paint are his tools. His name is Evol, and he lives as a street artist in Berlin. Fascinated, he is still on the architecture of the former GDR. Whether building facades, concrete walls, electrical boxes, discarded cardboard boxes or trash – Evol used as a base, which gives him the city just to tell his urban stories.

Gregory Siff x Facing Reality

26 May

Thanks to Creative Cartel Crew and Gregory Siff for the video.

Artist Gregory Siff painted a mural on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, CA. The mural, titled Facing Reality, featured over 90 unique faces and expressions.

Augustine Kofie x Working…

25 May

Thanks to Known Gallery and Augustine Kofie for the video.

Kofie writes on his website… “This will be my first solo show at Known as well as my first solo in LA since my Futurism exhibition at Zero1 Gallery. I’m truly honored to have the chance to share a lot of these more dense collage works with my LA peoples, especially since my last 2 large shows were out of town. 30+ works as usual including dense collage and assemblage on wood with yardstick framing, paintings on canvas and hand painted multiples will be on display for 2 weeks.”

Opens: May 26, 2012 | 8-11pm, Runs: May 26 – June 9, 2012
Known Gallery, 441 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Interesni Kazki x Art Vegas

24 May

Thanks to Code Red Magazine and Interesni Kazki for the video.

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Cyrcle. x Daydreaming

23 May

Thanks to Cyrcle. for the video.

The story of how CYRCLE. came to meet James Lavelle and got involved in Daydreaming with… The Hong Kong Edition.

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En Masse x Fine Arts Montreal

22 May

Thanks to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Fred Canon and En Masse for the video.

In October 2011, En Masse has been invited to take part to the very popular Big Bang, among the likes of Wadji Mouawad, Denys Arcand and Pierre Lapointe. Once the show was over in January, the whole room disappeared under the coats of white paint. You can see pictures of the event on our website and can get poster and catalog of the show through Galerie Pangée in Montreal.

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Pete Fowler x Dudebox

20 May

Thanks to Dudebox and Pete Fowler for the video.

Dudebox interviews artist Pete Fowler. They discuss his approach to his art and what inspires him to create. They also talk about Pete Fowler and Fiends, a Dudebox range of vinyl collectables launched this month.

RVA Street Art Festival 2012

19 May

Thanks to RVA TV, G40 Art Summit and to all the artists for the video.

The festival’s goal was to show the creative power of street art, liven up an other wise drab floodwall, and attract people and tourists to the outdoor art gallery that showcases the Canal Walk and Shockoe Bottom neighborhood. RVA Street Art Festival had an amazing lineup – Hense, El Kamino, Hamilton Glass, Heidi Trepanier, Brad Bacon, Dalek, Jeff Soto, Jiha Moon, Mark Jenkins, Ryan McGinnis, Chris Milk, Mickael Broth, Susann Whittier, VIZIE, Nick Kusyk, POSE, Richard Colman and Ed Trask.

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Shepard x Obey Awareness

18 May

Thanks to Obey Clothing / Obey Awareness and Shepard Fairey for the video.

OBEY Awareness began in 2007 as a way to educate and fundraise for causes and organizations that OBEY supports. It is a unique program in that it constantly evolves to support important emerging issues and organizations. Each season the OBEY Clothing line features dedicated product to raise funds for these causes. All profits generated from the sale of OBEY Awareness product are donated to the cause at hand. We encourage you to learn more and make a difference.

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All City Canvas x A Review

17 May

Thanks to All City Canvas and to all the artists that took part for the video.

From April 30 to May 5 Mexico City showed nine of the best international and national artists, with large samples of urban art. Using buildings as some iconic paintings in Mexico City. At last came the moment that Mexico would host an event of an institutional nature in regard to street art.

All City Canvas is was the first “festival” of urban art in Mexico City and that through this initiative, Mexican artists, European and EU one, endowed cultural and creative energy to Mexico City, during the week. All City Canvas facilitated the mobilization of thousands of young, eager to observe and document the intervention process architectural buildings in the capital. It was a week to remember.

Participating Artists included…

SanerHerakutInteresni KazkiSegoROAVhilsEl MacAryzEscif