Olek x Limited to 20 Mins

24 Apr

Thanks to Sioux and Olek for the video.

A young artist named Olek, who emigrated to America, returns briefly to her homeland. She decides to learn something about the folk art of her mother land and answer a question she has always asked herself, namely why did she become so interested in the art of crochet. During her trip to the polish mountains she meets women who have been crocheting for generations. She shows them her crochet work, which they admire as real masterpieces of street art. They exchange their experiences and learn each others techniques.

Olek also uses her short stay to create a crochet masterpiece. She decides to create a crocheted bicycle that she puts on the street. While filming they discover that the bicycle has dissappeared. It’s the first time in her career such a thing has happened. She tries to guess what happened and by coincidence, meets a man who witnessed the event. He tells how he tried to stop the city guards from taking the bicycle, and his experiences with bureaucracy. Olek decides to start a dialogue with the city hall and leaves another bicycle on the street…

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