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Kid Zoom x Home

31 Mar

Thanks to Kid Zoom for the video.

In October 2011, after three years living in New York, artist Ian Strange [Kid Zoom] returned to Australia to create a major new installation work housed in Cockatoo Island’s prestigious Turbine Hall. The exhibition featured a full-scale reproduction of his childhood home and a film documenting the violent destruction of three Holden commodores. This video documents what resulted.

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Lonac x Family Portrait

30 Mar

Thanks to Silk Fat Blues and Lonac for the video.

A few days of work and a few nights of montage… This mural is placed on Northern wall of Gallery SC in Zagreb and was presented on March 7, 2012. A portrait of “errored” family Lonac described in few words… “I error, therefore I am!”

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Allison Torneros x Woman Who

29 Mar

Thanks to Matt Maniego and Allison Torneros for the video.

A Woman Who is a short-film series on creative and successful women. Writers, musicians, designers, artists; each woman distinguished in her own right. And though their disciplines differ, they each resemble what the definition of a Woman is. This is Allison’s profile.

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How and Nosm x Reflections

28 Mar

Thanks to Street Art News and How & Nosm for the video.

Artist duo Hown & Nosm spent the last two weeks in New York City working on a visual remix of the Andrew Freedman Home’s history in the Bronx. The repeating diamond and pyramid shapes are looking might impressive and are built with hollow cardboard. Those shapes also represent the former residents, grouped into a homogenous community. The twins also left one of their signature’s split-face which emerges from the room center, one part life and one part death.

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Herakut x NuArt 2011 x Pt 2

27 Mar

Thanks to NuArt, Saft Films and Herakut for the video!

Herakut’s Outside Wall. Nuart 2011, Stavanger, Norway.

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Anthony Lister x Chalk L.A.

27 Mar

Thanks to Chalk LA and Anthony Lister for the video.

Anthony Lister has been a very busy man. Mr. Lister stopped by Chalk to grace their walls with one of his special ladies, as he was ramping up for his latest series of work at New Image Gallery in Los Angeles. Birdman was there to capture all the action.

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Leeman x Desmond x Social

26 Mar

Thanks to Clemence Demerliac, Hugh Leeman and Sean Desmond for the video.

Excerpt from “Art with a Social Conscience” by french videographer Clemence Demerliac.

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Shoe x Made By People

25 Mar

Thanks to Made By People and Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman for the video.

Niels Meulman, aka Shoe is a Dutch graffiti legend. Hailing from the streets of Amsterdam, Shoe helped create and pioneer the Euro graf scene. Not only a prolific graf artist, Shoe has also put his stamp in the creative world as an Art Director, Designer and now Artist. Creating the style of Calligraffiti, Shoe traveled to the southern hemisphere on his ‘Upside Down’ Tour and stopped by Melbourne to have a quick chat with Made By People.

Shoe is currently showing at 941 Geary in San Francisco. For more information on his latest show, please visit their website.

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Shoe x Justified Scriptures

24 Mar

Thanks to Colin M Day, 941 Geary and Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman for the video.

Before running his own design company, followed later by an advertising agency, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman (NSM) apprenticed with Anthon Beeke, a Dutch graphic designer considered at the top of his field. Through a classic master/pupil education NSM developed the required skillset of a designer and typographer. This mastery of the mechanical aspects of design can be seen throughout the body of works comprising ‘Justified Scriptures.’ Each work, form the small to the large, demonstrates NSM’s superb sense of space and precision. 941 Geary is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Amsterdam-based artist, Niels Shoe Meulman, opening tonight, March 24, 2012 at 941 Geary. If you are in San Francisco, don’t miss out.

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En Masse x New York City

23 Mar

Thanks to Fred Canon and En Masse for the video.

March 2012, En Masse hit the road again, and this time the destination was the Big Apple for the New York City’s annual Armory Arts Week. Armory Week is a cornerstone of the visual arts community’s annual calendar, and we were thrilled to be able to strut our stuff there, earn new fans and find new friends to play with on the wall and on Johnny Leo’s van.

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Mark Whalen x Science of…

22 Mar

A behind the scenes look at Autolux’s music video for The Science of Imaginary Solutions based on artwork from Mark Whalen, and directed by designer and animator, Thomas McMahan. We sit down with Mark, Thomas, and Carla Azar (ala Autolux) to find out how many drinks it takes over-commit to making a music video and how many hours it takes to render that commitment.

Here’s the final product. Enjoy!!

Thanks to Juxtapoz, Autolux and Mark Whalen aka Kill Pixie for the videos.

Risk x Thalo Mag x Interview

21 Mar

Thanks to Thalo Magazine and Risk for the video.

Thalo Magazine sat down with Kelly Graval aka Risk to talk about his start in graffiti, his painting process and what comes next.

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Mike Giant x FSS In-Store

20 Mar

Thanks to Dave Mongan and Mike Giant for the video.

Mike discusses his current ventures with Rebel 8 and Famous Stars and Straps, waxes philosophical on his style, and gives it up to himself for creating the dopest billboard in all of L.A.

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Destroy All Design x Miami

19 Mar

Thanks to MTN Colors and Destroy All Design for the video.

A quick interview with Destroy All Design during Miami Art Basel 2011.

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