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Unintended Calculations

29 Feb

Thanks Grounded TV, Augustine Kofie, Remi/Rough, Jerry Inscoe and Scott Sueme for the video!

Curated by Indigo, Unintended Calculations brought together a group of internationally renowned artists – Augustine Kofie (LA), Jerry Inscoe (PDX), Remi/Rough (LDN) and Scott Sueme (VAN) – for an exhibition at Becker Galleries and two collaborative murals at Moda Hotel exploring four very different approaches to abstraction. Working in a variety of mediums, these artists have evolved the letter form building blocks of their shared graffiti background, deconstructing and rebuilding them as compositions of color, line, shape and movement.

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INSA x Custard Factory

28 Feb

Thanks to High Rise, It Drew Itself and INSA for the video!

Here’s the brand new video by “It Drew Itself” filmed for Monorex’s new venture High Rise. The video features INSA tackling two sides of the Custard Factory in Birmingham. It took him just under two days plus 60 tins of paint and he didn’t even break a sweat.

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Thomas Campbell x Krooked

27 Feb

Thanks to Deluxe and Thomas Campbell for the video!

Krooked Skateboards have teamed up with renowned filmmaker Thomas Campbell for two limited-edition skateboards. The two rather unconventional cruisers were designed by Campbell himself, using paint, collage and even a sewing machine. There are only 300 of each and all are hand numbered making them a very collectable item indeed.

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Anthony Lister x New Image

26 Feb

Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez and Anthony Lister for the video!

Australian artist Anthony Lister prepares for his latest solo exhibition over at L.A.’s New Image Gallery. This show (set to open from Feb.23 – April 7th 2012) is meant to combine his influences from street art, expressionism, and pop. Taking inspiration from his immediate surroundings he paints the parodies of modern life.

His distinctive style is as visible tension between figuration and abstraction all painted with Lister’s bold and daring style. For this new exhibition, he will create a number of renderings focusing on the central theme of the beautiful and the sometimes twisted form of the dancing ballerina. And here we have a rare look into Lister’s creative process as the days lead up to the show’s opening on Feb.23rd.

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Ben Eine x Whisper Gallery

25 Feb

Thanks to Whisper Fine Art and Ben Eine for the video!

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The Underbelly Project x Paris

24 Feb

Thanks to Marine Longuet, Alice Pasquini, C215, Conor Harrington, Futura, How & Nosm, SheOne, Tristan Eaton and Will Barras for the video!

In 2009 PAC and Workhorse started a project in an abandoned subway station in New York City. Over the course of a year and a half they invited over 100 contemporary artists to leave their creative mark inside the station. Working illegally, the project aimed to document a cross section of contemporary art, free of the commercial restrictions of the traditional gallery environment. Once the project had come to an end, the entrance was sealed trapping the art inside and creating an ephemeral time capsule. The project received praise internationally, including a front-page article from The New York Times. The Underbelly Project is currently turning heads in Miami during Basel and SCOPE with an exhibition of brand new work from artists who participated in both the New York and Paris projects during Miami Art Basel and SCOPE.

For a 360 degree panoramic view of the tunnel click here.

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Rime x 50 Characters x Miami

23 Feb

Rime writes on his website… Being a fan of Live From The Streets, I reached out to Mr. Green asking him to make the music for the 50 Characters video. Below is an episode of Life From The Streets, covering how Mr. Green made custom beats from video footage shot in Miami. Only Mr. Green can take high rants, parrot talk, and arguments with rent-a-cops and make some musical sense out of it…

Thanks to The Seventh Letter, Mr. Green and Rime for the videos!

The Boneyard Projects

22 Feb

Thanks to Jason Wawro, Faile, Andrew Schoultz and BAST for the video!

The Boneyard Project “Return Trip” at Pima Air & Space Museum On January 28th, a unique art event will open at the Pima Art and Space Museum in Tucson, AZ featuring the work of over 30 artists. The Boneyard Project: Return Trip is a continuation of Eric Firestone Gallery’s Nose Job show last year that focused on paintings on airplane nose cones, but this time will also feature disused airplanes from America’s military history including DC Super 3 Pima Air & Space Museum 6000 East Valencia Road Tucson, AZ United State

En Masse x Station 16

21 Feb

Thanks to Fred Caron, Station 16 and EnMasse for the video!

Prints available now at Station 16.

Conor Harrington x Herds

21 Feb

Thanks to Andrew Telling and Conor Harrington for the video!

Black Herds of The Rain is a film documenting Conor Harrington’s trip home to Ireland in the summer of 2011 to paint 3 walls. The journey and subsequent paintings are inspired by Austin Clarke’s poem The Lost Heifer.

Skewville x When in Denver

20 Feb

Thanks to Black Book Gallery and Skewville for the video!

This film was made during the SKEWVILLE show Anti-Social Networking at the Black Book Gallery in Denver, CO. This was shot over a week and was the culmination of the SKEWVILLE visit to Denver in October 2011.

Stefan Glerum x Obey

19 Feb

Thanks to Obey Clothing and Stefan Glerum for the video!

Stefan Glerum (1983) lives and works in Amsterdam. He spent four years in Breda studying illustration at the Academy St. Joost. He also worked as an assistant to one of the country’s most celebrated comic artists, Joost Swarte. Stefan Glerum’s style is like a melting pot of illustration heritage. While its subconscious familiarity has universal appeal, his work is also a study point for those with knowledge of graphic design history. His work is inspired by early 20th Century movements such as Art Deco, Bauhaus, Italian Futurism and Russian Constructivism, which he combines with popular themes, executed in a style reminiscent of the clear line.

Madsteez x Mar x Hopper

18 Feb

Thanks to Madsteez and Mar for the video!

Madsteez writes… “When my good friend MAR presented me with the opportunity to paint a collaborative mural in Venice Beach, I immediately knew a Dennis Hopper tribute was the only thing fit. Dennis had been a long time, well loved resident and was a staple in the Venice Beach community. Dennis was an inspiration to all and will forever be missed. We heard 1,000’s of comments while painting this piece but the one that means the most was when an older gentleman walked up and matter-of-factly said, “It’s about time.”

Faile x 1986 Challenger

17 Feb

Thanks to Ride 5 Films and Faile for the video!

A few months ago Ride 5 Films met Brooklyn-based street artists FAILE and spoke with them about their use of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger imagery.