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Escif x Hyuro x Nuart 2011

31 Jan

Thanks to NuArt, Escif and Hyuro for the video!

The London Police x VNA

30 Jan

Thanks to Make Some Tea, VNA Magazine and The London Police for the video!

Boneyard Project: Return Trip

29 Jan

Thanks to Viejas Del Mercado, Pima Air and Space Museum, Retna,
How and Nosm, Saner and Nunca for the video!

An ambitious project involving numerous international contemporary artists and disused Military airplanes made it’s debut last night at the Pima Art and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. The Boneyard Project: Return Trip will include artists Andrew Schoultz, How and Nosm, Nunca (Brazil), Retna, and Faile who will all paint their own individual airplanes, along with cockpit from Saner (Mexico).

The concept for resurrecting the no longer active airplanes was conceived in spring 2010 by Eric Firestone, and organized with curator Carlo Mccormick. Also on display will be previous work from Eric Firestone Gallery’s Nose Job show that took place last year featuring artist such as Aiko, Bast, Crash, Daze, El Mac, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Erik Foss, Tara Mcpherson, Richard Prince, Lee Quinones, Kenny Scharf, and many more. We suggest that if you are near Tuscon to not miss this event!

FOAK x Panda

28 Jan

Thanks to FOAK Studio and Artists for the video!

Mike Giant x Apex x MTN

27 Jan

Thanks to MTN Colors USA, Mike Giant and Apex for the video!

Tim Biskup x Mastodon

26 Jan

Thanks to Tim Biskup and Mastodon for the video!

Eloquent Vandals Documentary

25 Jan

Thanks to NuART 2012, Saft Films, Blek le Rat, D*Face, Dot Masters,
Graffiti Research Lab, Herakut, Know Hope, Nick Walker, Chris Stain, Sten Lex, Word To Mother and Zeus for the video!

Herakut x NuArt 2011

24 Jan

Thanks to NuArt, Saft Films and Herakut for the video!

En Masse x San Diego

23 Jan

Thanks to Fred Caron and En Masse for the video!

Fred writes… “In September 2011, a series of chance encounters led us on our first international adventure. En Masse traveled down the hot, dusty road to California for the sun-drenched, palm-shaded beachfront property of San Diego and its official Contemporary Art Fair. Ann Bertchold and her partner, the acting directors of the SDAF, invited us to create a work in a 12’x12’x12’ kiosk. This little box became a home away from home for four days of black-and-white drawing bad-assery. I can’t tell you what an absolute pleasure it was to work meet a couple of seriously stand-up citizens!”

Dabs Myla x Christmas Mural

22 Jan

Thanks to Dabs Myla and Carlos Ganzalez for the video!

The artist duo known as Dabs Myla paint one of their most ambitious walls up to date in Culver City, California during Christmas 2011, but we get an inside glimpse into the process, what the wall means for them, and how it relates to a tradition very close to their hearts.

Retna x Brimstone

21 Jan

Thanks to Colin Day, Primary Flight and Retna for the video!

El Mac x Artist Statement

20 Jan

Thanks to Vietnam World Tour and El Mac for the video!

Viet Nam The World Tour brings El Mac to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Mac shares with us his personal inspiration for creating art and along the way, we get to see Mac doing what he does best at a live event, painting in a completely new style that can only be seen in Viet Nam!

Tim Biskup x Eric White

19 Jan

Thanks to Made Blog, Tim Biskup and Eric White for the video!

Tim Biskup and Eric White are two successful veterans of the fine art world, each of them bringing his own craft, passion and style. During Art Basel Miami 2011, MADE sat down with Tim and Eric and discussed their respective journeys towards becoming artists, as well as their thoughts and insights on the art world today.

Philip Lumbang x Watsky

18 Jan

Thanks to Cesar Rodriguez, Watsky and Philip Lumbang for the video!