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Gaia x The Wynwood Walls

30 Nov

Thanks to Here Comes the Neighborhood, Wynwood Walls and Gaia for the video!

Having just graduated from art school this year, Gaia is the youngest artist to join the Wynwood Walls. For the Wynwood Doors, a portrait gallery of murals within the collection, Gaia painted a mural of Henry Flagler, the powerful oil and railroad tycoon who is responsible for modern day Florida. With this, he continues a practice of implanting modernist figures into landscapes that they have drastically changed for better or worse.

Alice Pasquini x Oslo, Norway

29 Nov

Thanks to JMTHSN and Alice Pasquini for the video!

Jose Parla x Concord Project

28 Nov

Thanks to Ink Blot Media and Jose Parla for the video!

Eriberto x Estevan x Last Call

27 Nov

Thanks to Carson Daly/ Last Call, Eriberto and Estevan Oriol for the video!

Pose x Sever x Artist Driven

26 Nov

Thanks to LRG, Pose, and Sever for the video!

Ben Eine x Missing in China

25 Nov

Thanks to Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Ben Eine for the video!

Ben Flynn also known as Ben Eine has been missing in the city of Bejing, China since late September 2011. These are the last known recordings of him since his disappearance. If you have any information on his whereabouts please notify the authorities.

The Art of Huck Gee

24 Nov

Thanks to Beast.v. and Huck Gee for the video!

Kofie x Remi/Rough x Bishop

23 Nov

Thanks to Agents of Change, Augustine Kofie & Remi/Rough for the video!

Frank Kozik x Mongers Diner

22 Nov

Thanks to Kid Robot and Frank Kozik for the video!

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Paul Insect x Triptease Revue

21 Nov

Thanks to Post No Bills, Carlos Gonzalez and Paul Insect for the video!

Blek Le Rat x 30 Years Later

20 Nov

Thanks to Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Blek Le Rat for the video!

The Rise of Frau Isa

19 Nov

Thanks to Rabbit Eye Movement and Frau Isa for the video!

Tara McPherson x WK Interact

18 Nov

Thanks to PBS, Tara McPherson and WK Interact for the video!

Sego x Simbionte

17 Nov

Thanks to MAMUTT and Sego Ovbal for the video!