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Mark Dean Veca x Patterns

30 Sep

Thanks to The Creative Lives and Mark Dean Veca for the video!

Mark Jenkins x Green Box

29 Sep

Thanks to Becks Green Box Project and Mark Jenkins for the video!

Washington DC-based artist Mark Jenkins recently got involved with the Beck’s Green Box Project, an interesting application of new technology in the streets. The ambitious undertaking, which plans to showcase 1,000 projects by individuals over the next three years, utilizes the Beck’s Key App (also with Android support), which allows people to overlay their mobile devices / tablet computers over “green box” locations and see an augmented reality like 3D or animated representations of the artists’ work.

Sage Vaughn x Green Box

29 Sep

Thanks to Becks Green Box Proeject and Sage Vaughn for the video!

School of Econ x ___capitalism?

28 Sep

Thanks to NuArt Festival, NHH School of Economics, Ben Eine, Dolk, Escif, M-City and Hyuro for the video!

In July-August 2011, five street artists were invited to NHH Norwegian School of Economics to give their comments on capitalism directly on the schools huge white walls. The project was a collaboration with the Nuart Festival, and what Escif, M-City, EINE, DOLK and Hyuro came up with can be seen from this video. For more information, visit CAPITALISM.NO

See extended coverage of Ben Eine’s mural in our September 6th post.

Yosuke Ueno x Lasteen x Float

27 Sep

Thanks to Yosuke Ueno for the video!

Ben Frost x Rush TV Profile

26 Sep

Thanks to Rush TV and Ben Frost for the video!

Anthony Lister x San Fran

25 Sep

Thanks to Spencer Cunningham, 941 Geary, Anthony Lister, Ben Eine and Ben Frost for the video!

Saber x Art is Not a Crime

24 Sep

Thanks to The Seventh Letter and Saber for the video!

Saber writes, “The reason I hired five jet planes to sky write over City Hall and downtown Los Angeles is to bring awareness to how ridiculous a moratorium on public art is.”

“The city states that all public murals are signage, effectively banning art from the walls of Los Angeles. And it is removed at the taxpayers’ expense. Money is given to private graffiti removal companies, who have broken onto private property to paint murals beige. The owners of small businesses where murals have been painted have been harassed and threatened with fines if they do not remove the artwork. Police officers raid homes and places of work, intimidating artists and building owners. During this time of economic crisis, “mural signs” are an easy target for the city to extract money. This moratorium is a clear violation of the first amendment right to free speech and enforcement for these unreasonable laws is a complete waste of taxpayer funds.”

“To put things in perspective I recently visited the beautiful set of murals inside the Terminal Annex Building on Alameda. This mural was painted in 1941-44 and was funded by the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA). Murals are just a part of the legacy of a national program that put the country to work during the Great Depression.”

“Fast-forward to the Great Recession, taxpayer money is now used to obliterate all traces of the artwork my generation have created. I believe this is city-funded censorship pushed by lawmakers with personal vendettas. Potential jail time is more probable for us than the opportunity of creating an artistic legacy for the next generation. In a city that used to proudly call itself the “Mural Capitol Of The World,” the officials who enforce this ban should be ashamed to call themselves “Angelinos.”

Art Is Not A Crime… End Mural Moratorium!

Ben Eine x

23 Sep

Thanks to, Wall Space SF, Colin M Day and Ben Eine for the video!

Eine paints a mural with the children of Redding Elementary in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. The mural is part of a global movement to solve the climate crisis put on by

Curtis “Love Me” Kulig x TED

22 Sep

Thanks to TED and Curtis “Love Me” Kulig for the video!

Curtis Kulig was born in 1981 in North Dakota. At age 13, he began screen-printing in his father’s shop, laying the foundation for his work as an artist. His collaborations include projects with fellow artists Shepard Fairey and Skullphone, and commissions by brands including Ace Hotels, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Burton, Converse, HBO, Nike and The Standard Hotel. In addition, his work has been featured in several gallery group shows including Mallick Williams & Co (2011 NYC), Leo Kesting (2010 NYC), This Gallery (2010 Los Angeles), Shadows Space (2009 Philadelphia) and Subliminal Projects (2008 Los Angeles).

Kulig’s most notable work, “Love Me”, is a mixed-media message that can not only be found in his prints and canvases, but amongst the street corners and rooftops of New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo.

Jessica Hess x It Finds You

21 Sep

Thanks to Colin M Day Prods. and Jessica Hess for the video!

White Walls is pleased to present It Finds You, a selection of skillful, highly detailed realist paintings by San Francisco-based artist Jessica Hess. This will be Hess’ first solo project with White Walls, after inclusions of her work in several previous group exhibitions – both at White Walls and sister space 941 Geary. Hess’ work explores structure, simplicity, and decay, rather than the elegant, almost decadent subjects that usually tend to take precedence within traditional oil landscape painting. She seeks out abandoned, derelict structures and overlooked sections of civil infrastructure – armed with only a camera – as part of her research process. She has described some of these spaces as almost “having found her,” rather than the other way around. Through her investigations of these forgotten places, Hess aims to recreate her own interpretations of the spaces she’s visited, and the images she’s collected. Some of her paintings are made with fidelity to the original source, while others are products of Hess’ subconscious compilation of sites visited, photographs taken, and remembrances of her urban wandering. Show runs from September 3-24th, 2011.

Gary Baseman x Kid Robot

20 Sep

Thanks to Kid Robot and Gary Baseman for the videos!

Invader x Neon

19 Sep

Thanks to LDN Graffiti and Invader for the video!

Elizabeth Siegel x Green Label

18 Sep

Thanks to MT Dew Green Label and Elizabeth Siegel for the videos!