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Augustine Kofie x Time Lapse

31 Aug

Thanks to Augustine Kofie for the videos!

Nate Van Dyke x Talks Monkey

30 Aug

Thanks to Threadless TV and Nate Van Dyke for the video!

San Francisco based Illustrator Nate Van Dyke recently stopped by Threadless headquarters to talk about art, chimps, and life in general. He was also gracious enough to draw a little something for us during the interview. Nate’s a big dude, with a big heart, who’s skilled in a variety of different mediums.

Shepard Fairey x The Rise

29 Aug

Thanks to Obey Clothing and Shepard Fairey for the video!

Obey Clothing writes.. Shepard talks about the influence graffiti, skateboarding and punk rock had on his life and the ways it shaped his art career. Key moments such as a school trip to NY and the melding of styles by brands such as Shut Skateboards allowed him to develop his techniques. Look out for some classic 90’s skate footage as well.

Luke Chueh x Jondo Visits

28 Aug

Thanks to Jondo and Luke Chueh for the video!

Estevan Oriol x Last Laugh

27 Aug

Thanks to Maestro and Estevan Oriol for the video!

Maestro Knows is an online show based around Levi Maestro’s day to day life. Taking place primarily in Los Angeles, Maestro shows you LA through his eyes. In this episode follow Maestro and MJ to downtown LA while they check out the Last Laugh store and find Kogi Korean BBQ with Estevan Oriol.

Mike Kershnar x Opportunities

26 Aug

Thanks to Nen TV and Mike Kershnar for the video!

Thanks to Sean Desmond and Mike Kershnar for the video!

Don’t forget to check out Mike’s past posts.

Sinboy x Tours Bucarest

25 Aug

Thanks to ModArt and Andy “Sinboy” Luke for the video!

ModArt writes… We went to Bucarest this summer to attend the wonderful Street-Heroes festival. It was my first time in Romania and i was stoked – like in most countries you’ve never been before, we had a very friendly welcome there and i wondered why I never managed to go there before. Our last day was a trip through the city with Andy “Sinboy” Luke who showed us many great places and artwork which you probably won’t find on your own.

Dabs Myla x Palantir Tech

24 Aug

Thanks to Palantir Tech and Dabs & Myla for the video!

Dabs & Myla currently have a show running at Thinkspace Gallery, in Los Angeles, titled
“The Best of Times.” It’s not to be missed! More info after the jump –>

COPE 2 x World Famous Bubble

23 Aug

Thanks to Sprayground and Cope 2 for the video!

Thanks to Graffaholiks TV and Cope 2 for the video!

Claw Money x A Profile

22 Aug

Thanks to Claw Money for the video!

Shepard Fairey x Copenhagen

21 Aug

Thanks to The Meat, V1 Gallery and Shepard Fairey for the video!

Street Art and Politics in Copenhagen by Shepard Fairey and Huffington Post
In late July, I began a gallery project and series of street murals in Copenhagen. in early August a series of inaccurate articles and web posts began to emerge reporting that I was commissioned and paid by the city of Copenhagen to execute my Peace Dove mural. The mural location in question had a controversial history of clash between the city and the supporters and inhabitants of the Youth House formerly located there. In spite of efforts by myself, my gallery, and the Youth House, to correct the record, media outlets continued to perpetuate the misconception that I had been hired or at least prompted by the city to create my mural at the former Youth House location. An unfortunate chain reaction of events took place that I believe may have been, at least in part, catalyzed by media misinformation that continues to circulate. Below is my attempt to thoroughly illuminate my experience in Copenhagen. Most of my Copenhagen experience was peace and love. Here I’ll cover the aspects that weren’t peace and love. Read the full article HERE.

Skinner x Wicked Sculptures

20 Aug

Thanks to Skinner for the video!

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New “Working Class” Trailer

19 Aug

Thanks to Bread Truck Films, Mike Giant and Mike Maxwell for the video!

Working Class is a feature documentary loosely based on Charles Dickens book “A tale of two cities.” With San Francisco artist Mike Giant, and San Diego artist Mike Maxwell discussing themes found in Dickens 1859 novel that are just as relevant today. Religion, War, Family, History, and Art are chapters that tell the tale of the artists, the cities they live in and how history works in cycles. The two Mikes have been allies in underground art for over a decade and have gained respect for creating sharply drawn characters inspired by the working class.

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Shepard Fairey x Saffron

19 Aug

Thanks to Bread Truck Films and Shepard Fairey for the video!

“Saffron” is a documentary about the intersection of street art, politics, and human rights in Burma, featuring With Shepard Fairey and Aung San Suu Kyi. Set for release in Summer 2012.

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