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Tara McPherson x Opens CCM

30 Apr

Thanks to Juxtapoz, Cotton Candy Machine and Tara McPherson for the video!

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Skinner x Ungoliant

29 Apr

Thanks to Skinner and Ungoliant for the video!

Ungoliant is a stoner doom band formed by artist Skinner in Sacramento, California. Heavily influenced by such bands as Electric Wizard, Pentagram, and Nachtmystium. Features members of Iguanadon, Knifethruhead and Cowboy Killer.

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D*Face x Corey Helford Mural

28 Apr

Thanks to Juxtapoz, Corey Helford Gallery and D*Face for the video!

If you missed D*Face’s show at Corey Helford Gallery, no worries! Arrested Motion was at the opening covering all the action. More after the jump –>.

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Gary Taxali x Off The Wall

27 Apr

Thanks to Friends We Love and Gary Taxali for the videos!

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Yosuke Ueno x Civilization

26 Apr

Thanks to Juxtapoz and Yosuke Ueno for the video!

Yosuke Ueno’s “Back Talk” Interview with Juxtapoz.
Read it… HERE!

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Jeff Soto x Off The Wall

25 Apr

Thanks to Friends We Love, Jonathon LeVine and Jeff Soto for the videos!

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Saber x American Graffiti Artist

24 Apr

Thanks to Willie T, Known Gallery and Saber for the video!

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Miss Van x Safewalls

23 Apr

Thanks to Safe Walls and Miss Van for the video!

Miss Van’s Safewall print available here!

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Invader x Friends We Love

22 Apr

Thanks to Friends We Love and Invader for the videos!

Incognito French artist, Invader traces the birth of his signature pixelated mosaic style, his invasion of over 40 cities worldwide and the concept behind his Rubikscubism exhibitions.

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Jason Maloney x Prints Tippsy

21 Apr

Thanks to Jason Maloney for the video!

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Angry Woebots x Introduction

20 Apr

Thanks to KAI Media and Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin for the videos!

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Estevan Oriol x Brazil

19 Apr

Thanks to Estevan Oriol for the video!

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Spencer Elden x After Nirvana

18 Apr

Thanks to Obey Giant and Spencer Elden for the video!

From his birth as the Nirvana baby to his rebirth at Obey Giant, we look at Spencer Elden. His career is just getting started and at the age of 19 he has a lot of promise. Assisting Shepard during the day and making his own screen prints he’s keeping busy.

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Kaws x CBS Sunday Morning

17 Apr

Thanks to CBS Sunday Morning and Kaws for the video!

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